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Trading - over 2.5


We choose a game in which we think goals will be scored quickly. My choice is the Final of the Cup of the King Getafe – Valencia. Both teams are keen on winning it for every cost to forget about the failures of this season. Valencia has excellent strikers but defense full of holes – the goals will happen quickly. So I play for 20 € that there will be more than 2.5 goal. When a goal is scored I will counter it. I follow the game on TV obviously.

The game started for me very favourably. Already in the 4th minute Mata scored for Valencia. The market reacted immediately, odds that it will be Below 2.5 goal raised. I could have countered already in this moment staking 10 € for Below 2.5. You can see my profit in such case on the pictures. When there is under I win 4.8 €, when over - 10 €.

However that profit did not satisfy me, it was the beginning of the game, big chance that next goals fall. I did not counter and waited for the development of events farther. I did not make a mistake. In 11th minute Alexis set the result for 2-0. If I countered for 4 € now, my profit would be as follows:

I thought however, that next goals are just a matter of time, I did not counter I waited farther. Goals however were not scored, the game became even. In 41st minute I countered so that I would win the larger sum in when there is over, smaller, when under (not much probable I think).

If the goal wasn’t scored quickly I would have changed this distribution in the farther phase of the game a bit. However Granero set the result of the first half in 45th minute. Therefore my bet turned out to be a winning one, I earned 16.5 €. I might have watched the game no longer but for example go for beer for just earned money :) It should be said what would have happened if our analysis had turned out to be wrong, the goals hadn’t been scored so quickly. There are several possible resolutions. The game can be opened, we then simply wait patiently for goals. If both teams play defensive football you can play that there will be under, you lose little then and withdraw from the game. It is really hard to choose one, good standard tactics; you should have experience and intuition. The best thing is simply to play for a little money at the beginning to start feeling it.

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